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When you’re in Toronto and you search the web SEO plays a huge impact, whether from your mobile device or your laptop, you’ll get search results locally targeted to where you are. These results can be targeted as closely as the block of the street on which you’re standing (or sitting!). How does this happen? It’s a two part process...

First, Google loves to give it’s searchers exactly what they want. If you’re looking for an item and they can pin point what you’re looking for to be 50 meters ahead of you, they’ll get it done. All Google programs and devices collect as much GPS and location data as they can from either the device you’re using or the programs which you are running on your device. If they can’t get it from your device or software then they use the location of the internet service provider that your using.

Next, they look for websites that indicate their location or the area they serve. To offer Google the best location information a lot of websites use SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Toronto SEO experts use your location often enough to catch the attention of Google’s website ranking robots which troll web pages, but not too much that it disturbs the reader. If you want to be found in the Toronto area, then pages in your website are “optimized” to locations such as Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton or Vaughn. Websites within, and close to Toronto will show up in the search results. Optimizing your pages to a location increases the odds that searchers in your area will see your website in the search listings. This provides you with prospective leads that are more likely to convert to customers.

According to www.techcrunch.com, Toronto is the worlds fourth effective Technology hub. According to Modis, Toronto is the second city in North America to offer the most technology oriented jobs. Toronto is technology. Toronto’s Technology industry is, and continues to be, dominating in the world market. Competition is ferocious and you’ll need to use every asset you can to get word of your business, products and services front and center in the online world.

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