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Facebook! Twitter! Pintrist! Google+! You hear the all the buzz about social media management and marketing, but how does it work? What can it do for you? How will
statusboom help?

Social Media ManagementBriefly, Social Media Marketing is utilizing online social media platforms and environments to promote your business. Essentially, its “word of mouth” advertising via the internet. With all the different social media platforms you could easily spend all day keeping up on it. That’s why you need the social media marketing experts at statusboom; we manage your social media so you don’t have to. What will we do? Read on!




Have something new or exciting to tell your potential customers? Having a huge online or brick-and-mortar sale? From coupons to discount codes, no matter what it is that you need to get out there you can count on statusboom to get it out as rapidly as possible. We’ll coordinate your tweets, status’ and images across your social media platforms creating a unified social media information dispersal machine. Social media moves fast. It moves faster with statusboom.






and Give aways

Offering prizes in contests can encourage loyal and potential customers to interact with your social media by liking and sharing pages. Liking and sharing pages get’s the word out very quickly. We’ll create fun and engaging contests, such as requesting creative images or poetry about your products, which will capture the attention of both loyal and potential customers alike. May the best entry win!






your friends, fans and followers

Interacting with your customer helps to improve brand loyalty. People like to talk about the things they like. statusboom will encourage your loyal customers to talk about your products and services. We’ll encourage a plethora of responses with questions that inspire viewers to discuss what they like best about your company. This can range anywhere from asking for tips they have about using your products and services to tell the story of the first time they came across your company. The more people talk, the more the word gets out about what your company has to offer.



What can you do to get

Let statusboom help you wade through the wild world of social media marketing. Our team of experts is ready with a multitude of techniques to spread your name to the far reaches of the internet. Visit our package page to choose the social media marketing package then click, like and share your way to social media success.

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