Return Policy

Please read this carefully before using our services

The return policy for statusboom’s Internet Marketing Packages Agreement (“Agreement”) by and between the undersigned (“Customer”) and statusboom (“statusboom”) is as follows:

Customer will be responsible for the payment of the fees set forth in the Agreement and Payment Authorization, except in the event statusboom receives a termination notice from the Customer no later than fourteen (14) days after the purchase date, or campaign start date, after which the first month and associated setup fees shall not be refunded. Furthermore, any proceeding month on a prepayment package or plan shall be refunded unless otherwise specified in the prepayment plan’s agreement. Customer understands that this Agreement is non-cancel-able by the Customer except as expressly provided in the Agreement and Payment Authorization, and that in the absence of any default or the early termination by statusboom, all set-up fees shall be non-refundable.

Customer also understands the fact that the behaviour of search engine robots and changes in the ranking algorithms of all major search engines remain out of statusboom’s control. What we guarantee though is that your website will be optimized in compliance with the latest search engine optimization policies, using only “white hat” techniques, which in combination with our high expertise and hard work will eventually lead to a noticeable increase in rankings and traffic.

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