Pay Per
Click Managament

Achieve Optimal results with your Paid Advertising utilizing Google (search engine), and
Facebook (social media) ads.

Pay Per Click Management (“PPC”) is advertising in the search results. You bid on your keyword ranking. You’ll then be shown in the order of bidding results, but ABOVE all the organic (non-paid) listings.

As a part of our Big Boom package we’ll manage your pay per click advertising. However if you’re interested in strictly Pay Per Click Management, please contact us to obtain a quote.

Just like in SEO, a prospect searches with keywords and the search engine checks the data base. Here’s where it differs. The searching engine lists the paid entries above the organic listing.

You’ll be placed as high as your bid result will allow.Google PPC Advertising Screenshot

Pay Per Click Advertising is the fastest way to the top of the search engine listings. Search Engine Optimization can take a little bit of time, although you’re not obligate to pay the search engines every time someone clicks your listing. Additionally SEO results in long term, and scalable marketing.

After your listed, you only pay when customers and prospects click on your ad.


How does
statusboom run your campaign?


Firstly you’ll need to be subscribed to one of our PPC Supported Packages. The amount (dollar value) of advertising included in each package is noted within each package chart. We then determine the objective of the campaign, or what the purpose of advertising is. Are you looking to sell a product/service, promote a brand, or something else?

Next we’ll need to determine the ideal keywords that you should be paying to rank for. We do this through extensive competitor and keyword search volume analysis.

Once we’ve got your keywords, we’ll then need to create a PPC Campaign Landing Page (click for more info), also known as “Micro-Sites”, or Turn-Key Landing pages. Basically these are single pages which are custom made and tailored to advertise to visitors whom have clicked your paid advertising link. So when someone clicks your ad, they’ll land on a VERY TARGETED page, specifically made for the campaign. Often campaigns will have between 5-10 landing pages.

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