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When optimizing your page for search engines (search engine optimization), you’ve got to know where to go. According to a Nielsen study in March of 2010 the top three search engines are Google (by a large market share), Yahoo and Bing/MSN. Simply put, Google SEO targeting is definitely a point of interest for statusboom, and our client’s!

Google SEO

Both Google the search indexing site and software, as well as the company have been around for well over a decade. They have increased steadily in sites indexed, users, languages, offices, services offered, intensity of their April Fool’s pranks and more. They have the lion’s share of the market place as it were. They provide search results to themselves and several other search engines, including

Yahoo SEO

Yahoo is a large site with quite a few services of it’s own. It’s second in the favorites list. Yahoo however does not provide it’s own search results. It’s fed it’s search results from Bing/MSN.

Bing SEO

Bing/MSN does create and maintain it’s own index as well as feeding search results to Yahoo. However, it’s not as popular as Google and has a much smaller share of the market place.

statusboom focuses primarily on Google SEO as it does have the most users. When you want the most value for each dollar you spend you need to go where the prospective customers are, and that’s Google. The SEO experts at statusboom will create or take your customized web pages and optimize them primarily to meet Google’s ranking criteria. The higher your page ranks in the Google listings the more prospective viewers you’ll convert to loyal customers.

Google SEO works by tailoring your web pages to the specifications of Google. These specifications make your site pleasing not only to the Google ranking robots trolling your pages but also the viewers of your web pages. Google’s ultimate goal is to give the users what they want when they want it. And what viewers desire are “organic pages” that rank on their own merits.

Google ranks your page using algorithms. Algorithms allot for what Google finds desirable and what it does not. Over the course of the years the algorithms change. For example the latest updates focus on lowering the rankings of pages that have too many advertisements above the fold of the web page. Every few months Google is making changes and updates to better serve their users. Sometimes these changes adversely effect even well written web pages. statusboom is on top of the changes in Google’s algorithms. You’re website ranking will be as safe as possible in the hands of the statusboom experts.

Socialized Bookmarking

There are also socialized bookmarking sites out there such as Yelp and Foursquare. These services also draw on Google for technology, location information and search result information. By focusing on raising the rankings of your website within the Google search result listings, including Google Local and Maps, you’ll ensure inclusion of your website in these social bookmarking sites.

Cater to Google when you use SEO and you will rise in the search result rankings. The experts at statusboom are very Google friendly. They know just how to optimize your page so you’ll rise rapidly in the rankings. They’ll make sure that no algorithm update will take you by surprise. Go with statusboom to get you where you want to go with Google. Visit our packages page and choose the package that suits you best.

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