How long until my order starts?

Depends on which service you select. Each service indicates the start time, and the speed of delivery each day. The delivery speed is also pending any updates from Instagram's side. Sometimes if Instagram updates there may be a delay.

What happens if my order isn\'t delivered?

Any order that isn't delivered after 48 hours will be updated as canceled, or partially filled. Any remaining balance is returned to your account.

What do the different texts and symbols mean?

R = Refill (either auto or manually available)

ūüíß= Drip feed available¬†

‚ö° = Fast/Instant Delivery

How do I get help/support?

Please click support, and then tickets from the left menu. You can open a ticket regarding anything noted in the form.

What is Drip?

Drip feed means instead of delivering Services instantly, you can have them slowly/gradually delivered over a set amount of time. This is a more natural delivery method. Example instead of 1000 views you can set 100 views 10 drips every 30minutes. 

How do I order followers?

Simply enter your instagram username (without @) into the url field. 

How do I order services to my instagram post?

Enter your Instagram post URL in the available URL field. Remove any username in the URL, as well as the additional code at the end of the URL (?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link or ?igshid=1izitpj53p0vx). Remove the text after \"?\". 


How can I order group services?

Please DM @SBChat on Telegram, or email us

How do I buy giveaway entries?

Please join our Giveaways/Marketing group on Telegram or DM @SBChat.