You need to read this article with high attention if you are a business person or online marketer. The objective is to gain profit/revenue/sales as much as possible through an online platform namely a website or nowadays social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

The more visitors that see your website, the higher chances you might have to sell your product or service to them. Clearly, it will be a problem if your website is lacking traffic and overall reach/exposure.

You can buy traffic to skyrocket your special media profiles or website.

Using High Quality Web Traffic

Don’t just buy any type of traffic as its effectiveness comes down to location targeting and quality of traffic. Great quality traffic will automatically make your website and social media visible to millions of people if not billions depending on the quality of your content as a whole. Of course a major factor in quality traffic is that it comes from real authentic accounts and users, and that it is not generated by robots. StatusBOOM provides different options for traffic which range in quality so you may choose according to your requirements; however we suggest utilizing the higher quality of course.

How to Overcome the Problem of Having No Website Traffic

Your social media profile or website’s visibility will rise up like never-before. Its rank will automatically ascend if you create unique and good quality content, and use StatusBOOM traffic in conjunction. If you can drive more traffic in order to boost your social media profiles, your online business will become more successful.

Your business or brand page can be seen easily by other potential costumers. Try our services and in doing so, create more opportunities for your business. All you need to do is buy high quality website traffic, or social media engagements and related services, however we highly suggest focusing on the quality of your content as well because that is a major driving factor as to whether something goes viral.

Google SEO works by tailoring your web pages to the specifications of Google. These specifications make your site pleasing not only to the Google ranking robots trolling your pages but also the viewers of your web pages. Google’s ultimate goal is to give the users what they want when they want it. And what viewers desire are “organic pages” that rank on their own merits.

What Is Website Traffic?

Basically, when the public visits a website data is being sent and received between them systematically. This interaction is often referred to as a view, or an impression, or a hit.

If you are starting a new website or social media profile, and have amazing content, but are finding it difficult to rank well, it’s because everything is very saturated. Instagram is approaching 1 billion total users globally, and if you create a new profile it can be difficult to gain any sort of traction for your awesome content. Here’s where a little boost comes in handy!

The good news is that you can buy great quality organic traffic to create that boost (or boom as we call it) – which is essentially when you get when you buy social media traffic from us.

How to Optimize Your Website or Social Media for Web Traffic

  1. Ensure your content is of high quality and hitting a specific niche
  2. Research competitors within the niche you are interested in and follow similar post approaches to that of their most successful
  3. Ensure you are posting content regularly – either on social media or website blogs
  4. Pay attention to the pages that your web visitors like to see most
  5. Pay attention to the very beginning page that your web customers might see
  6. Pay attention also to the never-seen web page that your web visitors tend to not see
  7. Pay attention also to the most trafficked sites by your web visitors (competition)
  8. Ensure you are Google friendly, meaning you need to make sure that search engine optimization is utilized on your website
  9. Utilize traffic tracking tools such as Google Analytics, and others such as Webmaster Tools

Suggestion for Ordering Traffic

If you suddenly have high web traffic, and especially if you order low quality traffic and have low quality content it might decrease the ranking and your efforts. So make sure your content is amazing, that you don’t excessively order and that you do not buy website traffic cheap.

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