Social Media Marketing 2013

May 2nd, 2013
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2013 is probably the  most interesting year for companies wrangling with social media marketing strategies. Keep these five tips in mind as your company develops its social media management plan for the entire year.

1.  Content marketing will be more difficult. 

Content marketing is one of the best ways to drive more customers to a company’s website. This 2013, expect to see more companies executing content marketing strategies. Companies will create more blog posts, videos, e-books and product tutorials in hopes of driving more customers to purchase. Competition is heating up, so expect to see some companies employing black-hat strategies to raise their page rank and get more customers engaged on their site.

2.  Social media: It’s not just for bloggers anymore!

Expect more industries to dip a toe into the social media pool. Accounting firms, educational facilitators, law firms and a plethora of other nontraditional users will be using social media to increase awareness of their skills and services. In the past, these industries steered clear of social media because the return on investment was not guaranteed and there were few, if any, technology solutions that warrantied their product. Now, more companies are guaranteeing their work. The ever shrewd industries now feel safer getting into the social media and search engine optimization game.

3.  Buying ad space is a necessity. More specifically, buying ad space on social media networks is a necessity.

The model of buying internet ad space is changing. Google AdWords can get expensive, and the return on investment can be hit or miss. With lower prices and the ability to utilize user information for targeted marketing, social media is quickly becoming the go-to spot for companies looking to engage more and better customers.

4.  A new social media platform could be invented.

As technology start-ups prove to be able to create innovative and popular online social networks, companies should be on the lookout for new social media sites. Be prepared to evaluate the merits of advertising on the new social media sites. Early adoption could pay off greatly in the long run, but it could also be a wasted investment.

5.  Social media will shift its efforts to business.

Expect the social media sites to look for new and better ways to monetize the power they have, like the access to billions of people who are hungry for information about companies’ products. Now that social media has cemented itself as a force to be reckoned with, these companies will look for more ways to add value for companies. Also, many of these social media sites are going public, so they are accountable to shareholders. Increasing revenue will be the main focus for the established sites this 2013.

A focused, well developed social marketing strategy is absolutely indispensable for 2013. Contact us now, and we will help you create a great Social Media Marketing strategy.

Author: Janah Legaspi
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