When to use Facebook and Google Advertising

April 16th, 2013
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You’ve heard wonderful tales of customer conversions gained from Facebook advertising, Google advertising and pay per click advertising.  You want a piece of the action. But, unlike organic social media marketing, this is going to cost money.  Are you ready?

Know Your CustomerKnow your customers

Before you begin your Facebook, pay per click or Google advertising campaign you need to know your customer inside and out.  When you have an in depth understanding of your customer you can then created targeted advertisements which offer you a better return of your investment. Use every analytic that your website offers to understand the movement and demographics of your traffic.

Also use the analytics from your Facebook and Google fan pages.  From the information you’ve collected about your customers you’ll be able to develop keywords or search terms which will help target your advertisements.  Facebook, pay per click and Google advertising have their own analytics and algorithms which will also help target your advertisements, but you need to give them some of your own information to work with and help create a tighter targeting area.

Know Your Goalknow your goal

Have a clearly developed idea of what you want to happen at the end of your advertising campaign.  Are you looking for more ‘likes’ on your fan page?  That can increase online-word-of-mouth advertising and increase brand loyalty.  Are you directing them straight to your website aiming to convert them into a customer?  This can increase your bottom line.

You can also create small, high conversion websites for specific products and services. Then direct traffic from your advertisements to your conversion website.  This can produces a high return of investment.

Know Your Advertisingpay per click

Facebook advertising has been growing in leaps and bounds.  Facebook strives to offer more advertising products to it’s customers.  While easy to spot, Facebook advertising is so much more than the click ads at the side of the page.  Facebook is now offering advertising within it’s users feeds, which when well targeted, can be effective.

Google advertising is highly keyword oriented.  These advertisements appear at the right of the search results.

Pay per click advertisements appear at the top of the search results listings.


Using analytics and monitoring all of your traffic can be a full time job.  Conveniently for you, it’s our full time job!  Take the worry and fear out of paid online advertising.  Visit our packages page, chose your package and watch us make your business boom!

Author: Janah Legaspi
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