Simple Strategies for Facebook Marketing

April 23rd, 2013
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Marketing via social media is the latest big thing, and for a very good reason – its works! Clearly, it should not be your sole advertising tool, but social media marketing provides the savvy player some excellent opportunities for securing customer loyalty and customer satisfaction, as well as reaching a massive number of potential clients at very little cost and with very little additional effort.

Facebook, of course, is the largest social media platform and therefore represents the biggest audience (over a billion accounts and rising everyday). There are a number of ways to maximize your Facebook presence as an advertising and marketing tool; here are just a few ideas:

CRAFTING A NARRATIVE – people like to be informed, entertained and included. What better way to do that for your customers than telling your business story as an unfolding narrative through Facebook. There’s an ‘About’ section to start with, which presents an opportunity to describe as much or as little about your history, products and vision as you wish; but more importantly, Facebook posting is a real-time tool that allows you to immediately communicate news as it happens, or revisit older stories for newer subscribers. Engaging your customer’s interest on a personal level is key to the success of your Facebook marketing.

INTERACTIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE – many companies disable or moderate posts to their page from outside the company, for fear of ‘bad press’.
This is a mistake, because in the world of online marketing, the worst press you can get is a complaint somewhere else that you are unresponsive or disinterested. Encourage your customers to leave feedback – good or bad – and respond appropriately. Thank them for their patronage and positive remarks, and treat negative comments as an opportunity to remedy a problem. If new visitors to your page see fast responses showing concern and promising help, they’ll be mightily impressed.

KEEP CURRENT – People don’t go to social media to see things from weeks or months ago. Existing followers want to be enticed back with new content, and new visitors want to know that you’re active and still interested in their patronage. Articles, reviews, testimonials, images, links – use them all and use them often.

REWARD YOUR CUSTOMERS – Why not hold a contest? From a simple guessing game to something requiring online submissions, or even encouraging viewers of your page to call or visit the store, a contest is a great way to interact for a number of reasons. First, it appeals to people’s basic motivation to get something for doing something – in this case winning a prize by returning to your page. Secondly, it gives you a chance to provide your product or service to someone who might not have otherwise taken advantage of it, with an ultra-positive association. Third, it generates talk. People tell their friends and share contest links on Facebook quite readily, so your customers become your legs on the ground for advertising as well.

SOCIALISE ON SOCIAL MEDIA – Make excellent and frequent use of the ‘Like’ button.  Don’t try and exist in isolation from other companies, even your direct competitors. ‘Liking’ another page gives you cross-traffic and helps you promote yourself to the broadest number of people, as well as telling your audience you understand what being part of a community is all about.

Social media marketing, especially through Facebook, is only going to become more relevant as time goes on. If it’s not already part of your marketing strategy, make it so as soon as possible. If you need guidance, please contact us and we’d be pleased to help.

Author: Janah Legaspi
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