Integrating Your Online & Offline Marketing Campaigns

April 26th, 2013
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Here’s something to think about – does your online marketing strategy like social media marketing support any campaigns you’re running off the internet? Does your offline advertising mesh easily with your online presence? Recent surveys show that a growing proportion of online searches arise from marketing messages that are originally encountered offline. People see an ad on TV or hear something on the radio, and that triggers them to search for more information. If you’re not integrating all your marketing streams, you could well be making it too difficult for your customers to get to where you want them to be – your cash register.

Making the Connection
Consider this hypothetical example – you’re running an eye-catching television advertisement featuring a clown selling cars. It’s generating a lot of buzz. It’s memorable, it’s entertaining and it’s working … up to a point. But if viewers of the ad go straight to the web to watch it again, how easy is it for them to get from entering ‘clown selling cars’ into the search field to your website? If you haven’t tagged up those keywords, not very easy at all. Assuming they do get to your website, are they going to find the ad embedded, reinforcing the message? Or are they going to have to navigate away from your page again to show it to their friends on YouTube instead? Having a clear interconnection at all points along the journey is going to leverage so much more of your advertising dollar into sales!

Making Best Use of Your SEO Analysis1
We all know the importance of Search Engine Optimization – driving your website up the rankings to appear as high as possible on page of search results. But there’s another aspect of SEO you can make good use of as well. Analyze what works and what doesn’t. Look at keywords that are hitting and keywords that are missing. This information can tell you not only where you can save money, it can tell you how to best direct your subsequent marketing efforts, online and offline. You can use the same information about keywords for both your SEO strategy and your print or electronic media efforts – if people are searching for “customized dried flower arrangements” on Google, you can bet that’s a phrase they are going to respond to on television or radio as well. It works in the other direction as well, because no matter how good your ad campaign is, if people can’t associate your tagline with your website when they get to the net, they’re going to buy from the website that does make an association for them.

Today’s electronic commerce takes place around the clock, every day of the year. The addition of the internet to the marketing mix means that there’s no such thing as ‘prime time’ advertising anymore. The most successful course you can choose is one that integrates all your marketing campaigns so they feed and support each other.

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Author: Janah Legaspi
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