Developing a Social Media Strategy

April 29th, 2013
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Social media is fast becoming the best way to reach current and potential customers. Consumers are more and more likely to investigate a product online prior to purchasing. A company website is helpful, but customers may not completely trust what is company approved messaging. They rely, instead, on the confidence of people they know, their social networks. They consult friends before purchasing a new piece of technology. They ask current users about the value of new computer programs. They are likely to purchase an item if someone close to them has given that item high praises and pass on items that friends say are not worth the money.

Companies that wish to harness the power of social media marketing to increase revenue must develop a cohesive, well-developed, and impeccably executed strategy. Regardless the size of the company, every employee must be aware of the messaging and be prepared to engage customers in a way that is both pleasant and expected –especially by generations X and Y. Social Media Managment

The first step in getting a social media strategy built is to build a team of people who understand the product, the customer, and the way social media works. In most companies, there is no one person who understands all three of these,  and even if there is one person who is able to comprehend all these components, it is best to have a team. Teams are able to generate more ideas and ensure that customers see a single voice and message from the company.

Companies must keep in mind that social media engagement is a long game. Results are measurable, but it may take three months to see tangible results. The best way to measure those results is to engage the customer. Ask the customer what about the social media strategy is working. The customers who come back frequently, interact with customer service representatives and even those who are dissatisfied with some aspect of your company are invaluable to helping you hone the social media strategy.Social Media

The biggest strength of social media is the opportunity to listen to what your customers truly want. Be prepared to listen to what all customers are saying. Then be prepared to respond in a way that does not alienate the customer. For instance, if a customer tweets about a sub-par experience with the call center that assists with proper installation of your software, your company should be prepared to help make the situation right and make it right publicly. Once the customer issue is resolved, use the experience to develop training for call center representatives and ensure that other customers are not experiencing the same dissatisfying service.

The internet has made the world even smaller for companies. Be prepared with a social media strategy that engages clients, both current and prospective, and be prepared to monitor your results. Take into consideration what your customers are saying about the social media interaction and watch your company grow and increase its client base. When you choose to dive into social media, give us a call if you need help with strategy development, implementation, and monitoring.

Author: Janah Legaspi
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