Social Media Marketing and Advertising Can Lead to Sales

January 22nd, 2013

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With a plethora of social media sites popping up on a daily basis, social media marketing is becoming an important part of your business’ marketing strategy. With their new updates, Facebook advertising is on the rise. If you’re not actively engaging in social media marketing you risk losing sales to your competition.

Word of Mouth

Word of MouthWord of mouth is the king of advertising. Social media sites encourage sharing of all types of information. This is a match made in Heaven. People naturally share the things they like. Posts like “Drinking a cup of Timmy’s” are common. Social media marketing gives it an extra nudge by providing users with easy ways of sharing such as the ‘like’ button. You can even have applets that post to a user’s facebook account that they’ve purchased a product from your website, or liked something on your web pages.


Referrals can happen in several ways. User’s will naturally recommend products to friends and family that they like and think that someone else will like. Part of your social media marketing campaign can be encouraging people to recommend your site in return for points, coupons or discounts. Around holidays and birthdays users will often forward images of products and services from websites typing “WANT” above the forwarded image. Also, when someone likes a product or service it shows up in all of their friends feeds, with their photo. Essentially giving products and services a friend’s endorsement. According to Pintrest is driving a great deal of referral purchasing traffic, so much so that it’s surpassed Yahoo.


Direct Sales

Direct Sales


In a constant effort to monetize themselves, social media sites are working on offering direct sales if they don’t already have some programs in place. Facebook places advertising on the side bar of it’s site. User’s can click on things that they want and buy them, or they can forward the images to their feeds indicating that they want them.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

With over a billion users, Facebook advertising is the place to be. Facebook not only offers it’s sidebar ad placement, it uses data from it’s users to target ads, increasing the prospect to customer conversion rate. Currently it’s rolling out a new program where targeted ads are placed in peoples feeds which increases the visibility of your advertising. Facebook continues to work on ways to target products and services to it’s users without overwhelming them.

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[mp3j track=”This Article is Voice Narrated for the Visually Impaired@″]

Author: Adam Evans
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