Online Marketing for Canadian Businesses

January 18th, 2013

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Online marketing is quickly becoming the fastest way to promote your business in today’s internet friendly world.  Canadian Businesses must harness the possibilities of internet advertising and online marketing.

Online Marketing

How do I Market My Business Online?

Online marketing can take on many forms.  We’ll briefly discuss four below.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

SEOSEO lies at the heart of online marketing.  Every business has a website (if you don’t, you must! Visit the statusboom packages page and choose one now).  An optimized website will rank well in the search engine results listings, thus giving you more exposure.  SEO is a method of targeting your website’s content to your optimal audience.  Optimizing entails the appropriate use of keywords, or search terms, which your prospective customers use to find you.  Another component of SEO is a clean structural and functional build of your website with efficient navigation systems and error free coding.  Strong links, both inbound and out, are essential.  SEO is built in online marketing for your website.  You either have a website or need one.  Let statusboom increase your return of investment with SEO portion of online marketing.

SMM or Social Media Marketing

SMMSMM is online marketing using the various social media platforms.  Humans are social creatures and even in the world of the internet they want to stay connected.  Social media has been very beneficial to online marketing because it embodies ‘word of mouth advertising’.  Through various strategies statusboom will encourage your customers and leads to ‘share’, ‘like’, comment on, and tweet your business’ products and services.  This type of online marketing leads to a great deal of exposure with most of the work done by your leads and customers.

PPC or Pay Per Click Marketing

PPC marketing will put you the top of the organic search engine results listings.  This version of online marketing costs more but will get you higher visibility much quicker than the organic methods of SMM and SEO.  You purchase your place above the organic results list and then you pay each time a prospect clicks on your link.  statusboom will write your PPC ads so that they target only those most likely to purchase your products or services after they click on the ad.

Start Online Display Advertising

Online Display Adverting are ads with any combination of text, link and graphics.  They are most usually at the right hand side of a web page, but you can find them in other places including the top / banner.  statusboom has a network of online sites on which your advertisement can be placed.  You get the benefit of higher visibility through statusboom‘s well ranking web pages.  Online display ads can also be used within your social media marketing strategy.  They are easily tweeted, shared and etc. across the
social platforms.You need online marketing!  statusboom has it.  Visit our packages page and sign up for our online marketing packages now! Have any questions? Give us a call! +1 (800) 755 3840.
[mp3j track=”This Article is Voice Narrated for the Visually Impaired@″]

Author: Adam Evans
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