How a Google+ Fanpage Can Help your Business and Marketing

January 2nd, 2013

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Facebook isn’t the only social media site that can improve your business.  Effective Google fan page marketing can engage leads, converting them to customers as well as improve your Google SEO rankings.  Google+, primarily considered an interest based social media site, has been developing ways for businesses to market to their users.  Google fan page marketing is an asset to any social media strategy.


Google +1

Demonstration of where to locate the Google +1 button in the Google search results.

Google +1 buttons can be found on many sites.  When a user likes your site, they click the button.  They can also see how many people +1’d your site.  A large amount of +1’s will encourage other people to visit your fan page (this looks popular.. I should see it too!).  Google fan page marketing can direct prospective and loyal customers between your website and your fan page to see what’s new and make purchases.

Google Fan Page Marketing

A road sign displaying social media customer engagement phrases

Engaging Customers Encourages Business

A Google + fan page is an excellent resource for learning about your customers.  You can find out what they like best, when they post and all manner of demographics.  Within the space of a fan page you can also create a dialogue with your customers and prospective leads that will make them feel involved and appreciated.  Tips and tricks type posts will make your customers feel as if they receive so much more than the product or service which they purchased.  Humors posts encourage your fan base to interact with you.  Interaction not only fosters brand loyalty, but it helps to keep your fan page active and well keyworded.


Google SEO loves updated fan pages.  Google also loves other Google products which means that Google fan page marketing can pack a double punch.  That aside, fan pages can improve your Google SEO rankings because recent algorithm changes favor active fan pages, and other active social media.  Google wants the most relevant and timely items returned in the search results and busy fan pages will organically be up to date and topical.


Our Google fan page marketing experts are ready to help you manage your Google+  fan page.  Visit the packages page on our website and choose the package which best suits you, or give us a call TOLL FREE 1 (800) .  Let us help you gain exposure while getting to the top of the search results, +1 customer at a time!
[mp3j track=”This Article is Voice Narrated for the Visually Impaired@″]

Author: Adam Evans
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