Google Loves Unique Content and Speed

January 7th, 2013

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Google SEO

Google Search Engine Optimization

Google SEO wants to provide its users with the most up to date information possible. If you’re providing information that is duplicate to other web pages, either yours, or worse not yours (plagiarism!) Google search engine optimization knows it’s not new because it’s already out there. Unique content, current updates and postings are indicative of newness. Websites with fresh content will rank closer to the top of the search engine results, thus gaining more exposure for their businesses.

Original v Duplicate Content

Displaying a Rubber hand stamp with the word “Original” on it, and the word “Duplicated” being stamped in red below on a white background

Duplicate content has been a problem for Google SEO since its inception. Users, expecting a choice from different results with the same search term or keyword, get angry with Google when they see the same result repeated over and over. If that same result is repeated in slightly different flavors, that’s even more irritating.

This is, in part why, Google SEO will rank web pages with new information higher than those without. Duplicate information, or worse, plagiarized information is heavily penalized, to the point of banning for copyright violations. Not ranking high enough is the best situation if your content is found to be duplicate. Often pages marked as duplicate are not ranked at all. However, if you’re penalized or banned it can be extremely difficult to get it lifted.Google also loves speed.

SEO Fast Track

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One of it’s goals is to make the web faster. This isn’t only for the benefit of its users. Google search engine optimization also keeps tabs on it’s own resources. It takes more time and computing power for Google to return websites with larger files and images in the search results. It also hogs up the same resources for Google’s robots which are out scanning pages to ranks them.You should consider your website users as well as the Google robots. No one wants to sit around waiting for a web page to open. The longer your web page takes to open the more likely you are to lose a customer to a competitor. You can visit the webmaster section of Google to find analytics that track the speed at which your website loads. This is a handy tool to have as you can compare the loading speed to customer conversion and see how a page that loaded quickly gives you higher conversion rates.

Google loves speed and unique content. We, at statusboom, love Google. We’ll create your new website, or repair your current one, with all the speed and fresh content it needs to win Google’s heart and high rankings. Visit our packages page and choose the package that you’ll love.[mp3j track=”This Article is Voice Narrated for the Visually Impaired@″]

Author: Adam Evans
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