Five Ways to Make Your Business Explode Online in 2013

January 14th, 2013

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Happy New Year! Happy New Brand! Everyone’s thinking of new things at this time of year. At the very least people are thinking of how to make old things new again. Businesses have to reflect on their customer’s wants and needs – so it’s time to think of a new corporate you and how to explode on the business front in the New Year!

Number 1 – Revamping Your Brand

New things always fascinate people. From new packaging to new logo’s your customers will be captivated by the products and services that they’ve come to know and trust having that extra special something to catch their attention again. Faster service, adding a bonus component or additional services with purchase are all very simple ways to reinvent your brand while staying true to an established brand and mission statement.

Number 2 – New Website with more Social Focus and Engagement

With the new Google algorithms taking effect it’s an ideal time to recreate your website. Take this time to refine your SEO, concentrate your coding and decrease your load times. While you’re making your website more appealing to the search engine robots, take some time to make it more appealing to your customers and prospects as well. A new color scheme, differing graphic and images will all be eye pleasing. If you don’t have a Social Media Marketing strategy it’s time to stop waiting! Engage your customers with Facebook, Twitter and more social media platforms. Start interacting with your customers and they’ll start sharing, liking and tweeting about it. What could be better than a marketing team of your own customers!

Number 3 – More use of Social Media for Customer Engagement

Effective use of Social Media creates a strong bond between your company and your customers. You can use social media to host contests, such as best image of your products, as well as giveaways, articles, free information and guides. When your customers and prospects download free information and guides, as well as win prizes, they are more likely to interact with you again. Basically, they will be more likely to convert to a customer or to purchase again.

Number 4 – Explore Other Senses

Offer audio and video with which your customers can interact. Google is working on algorithms that accommodate video and audio so get a jump on your competition and start including these components in your website and social media. Videos can be very engaging. Given that there are several institutions that give awards to commercials, it’s safe to say that people pay attention. Create your own video commercials for your customers to watch. The video description area also offers an opportunity to create well keyworded text which the search engine robots will definitely love.

Number 5 – Online Business Automation

Think ‘1-click purchasing’ like has. If you don’t have automation that helps your customers purchase things faster you not only need to get on it, but you could be losing customers to your competition. Customers and prospects want speed and instant gratification. With simple purchasing, ideally one click, customers are quickly flooded with the good feelings of ‘that’s mine’. They will keep coming back to you for your simplicity as well as the good feelings that it products.
We at statusboom not only wish you a prosperous New Year, but are willing to help you reach your goals. Visit our packages page and with a few simple clicks, you too can be booming your way to the top.
[mp3j track=”This Article is Voice Narrated for the Visually Impaired@″]

Author: Adam Evans
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