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January 9th, 2013

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Customer Research

Over 80% of prospect customers research large purchases online prior to spending.

It’s long past time for your business marketing strategy to include the wild world of the internet. With the advent of ecommerce, if you’re not marketing online then you’re being left in the dust. More and more mobile devices and sites make it easy to shop and purchase online. With over 80 percent of all purchases being researched, if not bought, via the internet, online marketing for businesses is mandatory. With the right online marketing company, like statusboom, you can convert prospective leads into customers with and enticing return of investment.

I Need Online Business Marketing! What’s Next?

First stop
your website. A well designed website will do some ‘self marketing’ and become an excellent spring board for the rest of your online marketing strategy. Your website should have a solid structure to support the optimized content it will display. Clear navigation systems throughout the website are favoured by viewers, search engine robots and increase your ranking in the search engine results. Strong, functioning links within, outbound and inbound are important as well. When links point to your website they indicate popularity which in turn raises your rankings. Thirdly, clear, keyworded content. As is often said, content is king. This is what your viewers see and respond to. The search engine’s robots also see it. Content can make or break high rankings.

Social Media

Next upsocial media marketing. Let statusboom help you get social! The internet’s version of ‘word of mouth’ adversing can bring you a high return of investment for both organic marketing and paid advertisements. With the right strategy social media users will be sharing, liking, +1ing and tweeting your captivating content. The high exposure will have viewers flocking to your website to see what all the buzz is about. Then you’ll capture comments, reviews and other interactions that will positively influence prospective leads to convert into paying customers.

Then you might want to venture into the world of PPC or pay per click advertising which puts you above the organic search engine results. You can also invest in highly convertible display ad which can be placed in our partner sites as well as other locations.

Internet Marketing is Confusing?

Yes. Internet marketing can be very confusing and time consuming for those who are not adept in it. We are all overwhelmed with information overload on a regular basis. Online business marketing is easily as important as your business card, if not more so. Just as you go to a printer for your business cards, it’s best to go to an internet marketing expert like statusboom. We’ll get you the rankings and exposure your business needs while freeing you from the need to learn a whole new skill set and the time it takes to do so. You run your business. statusboom runs your internet marketing strategy. All you have to do is watch your business BOOM! Give us a call to find out how! Toll Free: 1 (800) 755 3840 or contact us today!
[mp3j track=”This Article is Voice Narrated for the Visually Impaired@″]

Author: Adam Evans
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