Social Media Integration and your Website

December 19th, 2012

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Social Media Integration and your Website.

Social Media Integration

A puzzle (based on the Rubik Cube) displaying social media logos

Sure, Facebook, Twitter and all those social media sites look like a lot of fun but did you have any idea how much they can do for your business? Not only can a really good social media marketing campaign managed by experts, like those at Evolve Thought Media Group, engage your loyal customer and convert prospective customers to loyal ones but it can also raise your search engine rankings. However, all of this works best if it’s integrated with your website as the centre point.

Why do I need these buttons on my website?

Social Media Integration

A laptop surrounded by methods of integrating social interactions and media onto a website

A lot of business have both social media accounts and a website. However, they don’t integrate them. Engaging potential and loyal customers on social media generates interest and interaction. If you don’t get that interest and interaction flowing to your website then you’re potentially missing out on more sales. Your social media users only see one side of your business. They never see the content (from tutorials to coupons) that’s on your website because they stay on the social media sites.

When you get all those little buttons on your website you open it up to more traffic. Those buttons offer social media users a very easy way to share your website with social media sites, often with an excellent little icon of your website. This makes it easier for them to share a link and a small blurb about your company to all of their friends, family and followers. That’s the best marketing ever – word of mouth marketing, online version. That efficient little package of your company’s goodness can be shared over and over again with only one click of the users touch pad! They don’t have to write a single thing! Just one click and more of your company’s information is shared across the internet.

Posts, comments and SEO



An orb displaying SEO related acronyms and phrases, surrounding the focus acronym “SEO”, meaning Search Engine Optimization.

Google loves social media. They’ve even released an algorithm update for their rankings called Penguin which gives even more emphasis on social media posts and comments. This can mean higher search engine ranking results for you. For example if someone writes a twitter post about your company and its products that post can show up in the search results. One or two clicks later and a potential customer is on your website.Posts and comments can also build organic links back to your website. Organic links are the links that would happen over time if you were to do no marketing at all. A well managed social media marketing campaign by statusboom will just make it happen faster. Google and other search engines put a very high value on links such as these which can raise your ranking.

Give them a call at 416.628.9411 or 1.800.916.ETMG and they’ll be happy to explain in detail how integrated social media marketing can help your website. We’ll also offer you a quote to get started on raising your ranking with integrated social media marketing.
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Author: Adam Evans
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