Search Engine Optimization; more than just keywords and links

December 4th, 2012
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Search “Google SEO” and in the website return list you’ll see lots of links relating to keywords and links. While it’s true that SEO involves a great deal of work relating to well written content and effective linking that you see on the page, any Search Engine Optimization company in Toronto can tell you it also involves a lot of coding that you don’t see.

Google SEO

Four characters representing Google SEO algorithm typing on laptops colored with Yellow, Green, Red, and Blue (Google’s brand colors).

statusboom is a Toronto SEO company that is in tune with the inner workings of Google and other search engines. We’re the company you can trust to take care of your website’s SEO needs quickly and with the best value for the money you spend. If you have no interest in the inner workings of a website, not to worry, we’ll take care of it for you. Just visit our package options page, select the package the works best for you, sign up and relax while we launch your website towards the top of the search results. If you are interested, read on:

Google SEO

A Robot holding a magnifying glass representing Google SEO robots that set SEO rankings.

Over all structure

Google’s SEO robots are not only scanning pages for content topicality and quality links, but for over all structure as well. Search engines want to see websites that are easy to navigate because easy navigation allows viewers to get the information they want quickly. A well organized navigation structure also allows both the viewer and the Google robots to easily determine which content is most important. It’s also important for viewers to be able to move around your entire website with ease. To make such movement possible make sure to have a well planned flow of navigation, in text as well as with graphics, in prominent locations on each web page.

Text in images and links

Text in your images and links should be brief and well optimized. Any SEO Toronto company can create links. It takes a company, like statusboom, composed of experts to create the links and a flow of navigation that Google’s robots and viewers love. Link text should tell you specifically where you’ll be going. “Click here” is an example of link text that is to be avoided.

Images should make use of the “alt”, “description”, and even “caption” attributes. If for some reason the image can’t be viewed a viewer can fall back on the text describing the image. Also, some users can’t view images and the text will help your website comply with disabled user suggestions and regulations.

statusboom, a Toronto SEO company, has the experts you need to create the website which will improve your bottom line. Don’t wait, select a package now!

Author: Adam Evans
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