Content Drives Internet Marketing (Gangnam Style?)

December 11th, 2012
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Content, whether written, graphical or video, is the stuff that converts potential prospects into loyal customers and drives Internet Marketing. It’s got to be fresh, innovative, useful and interesting enough to catch the attention of potential viewers. In the fast paced world of the internet your content has to demand: “Look at me!” If people aren’t viewing and interacting with your website then you are losing out on potential sales.

The Write Stuff

The majority of content on websites is text based. The written (typed) word. Most people are able to write, and so, they do. Your content has to compete with a vast amount of content in many forms, such as blogs, that populates the internet. To stand out you need to have either captivating content or very useful content; preferably both. Interesting and unusual stories about your products and the people who use them can make interesting reads. New and innovated tips on how to use your products and services can be very useful.

Seeing is Believing

Seeing is Believing

People tend to be visually oriented and while they will read your content you’ll catch their attention faster with quality images. Once again you’re competing for attention. There are millions of people with smart phones who are snapping away at everything that they see. Then they are uploading it to sites like Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram. Clear, creative images are a must. Placing your products in unusual places, such as lounging at a ski resort, can captivate your viewer. And if you captivate them, they will share.

Video Internet Marketing

Video – Proof that the Internet Works.

You need look no further than the horse dancing Gangnam madness that has taken the world by storm to see that fresh video content can bring amazing success. The components are all there. High quality video, amazing colours and something new and unique that the world has never seen before. Create a video like this for your business and you’ll boom your way to the top – Gangnam Style!

Social Impact

The social media marketing implications of good content are astounding. Videos, just like Psy’s “Gangnam Style”, along with good writing and images will get liked, shared and +1’d. This type of natural or “organic” sharing is great for your business in two primary ways.

Social Media marketing

The first is organic referral marketing. You’re business information is being shared in a ‘word of mouth’ type way. People are seeing you, your content and your products and services. It’s often said that business is a numbers game. The more people who see your business information the more customers you’ll have.

The second way is search results. Reviews, posts and comments are usually written by people who like your products and services. They will be naturally keyworded and well keyworded posts show up in the search results. As an added bonus, Google loves social media. They will display YouTube, Google+ and other social media content in their search results which is even more exposure for your company.


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Author: Adam Evans
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