What is PPC, SEO, SMM, and all that other stuff?

November 27th, 2012
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If you need or have a website then you may want to consider SEO, SMM and PPC. But what is all that stuff? How does it work and why do you need it? Well, let’s begin!

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the way to organize the information on your web pages so that both your viewers and the search engine’s robots like what they see.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

A highlighter marking the accronym SEO above a textual definition (in dictionary or wiki format) of what SEO stands for (Search Engine Optimizaiton).

When a viewer likes what he or she sees, you’ll convert a prospective lead into a customer. When the search engine’s robot likes what it sees, you’ll rank higher in the search listing, thereby getting more viewers. In recent years SEO has been continuously evolving and trending, where now Google releases algorithm updates every few months. What these updates do is “dictate” how the search engines prioritize and assign relevance to a website online. And lets not forget, the main purpose of search engines is to generate and display the MOST relevant results to the searcher. The most recent algorithm update is Panda (as of Nov 5th, 2012) – checkout more Google Algorithm Changes!The SEO experts at statusboom can optimize your website, or create an optimized website for you. Not only do they propel your website toward the top of the listings they also make sure that it’s completely scalable. That means you can add different target demographics and keywords or expand on the ones you have. Your website will grow as you do. Visit our SEO package page for more information.

What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click Marketing, which is essentially advertising above the search results listing, or in side columns on social networking websites.

Pay Per Click Advertising

A screenshot displaying a “mock-ad” on google’s website. The screenshot displays a page which is promoting the use of Google Adwords (google’s advertising platform).

You’ll get seen first at the top of the ‘organic’ listings by purchasing your place there. Organic listings are the non-paid for listings. PPC is the fastest way towards the top. SEO can be a little slower because it can take a little bit of time for the search engine robots to scan your well optimized page.PPC is great for those that have a budget for it; recommended starting point being in the range of $500 per month for optimal results. It works great hand in hand with SEO and SMM.

PPC is absolutely not an alternative or supplement for SEO. We always recommend SEO as it provides longer term, more impactful results. Additionally studies have shown that organic (SEO driven) results are typically more trusted than the paid advertisements. This is primarily due to the fact that the paid results are so easily controlled and skewed, and they do not have as much correlation to relevance of the searched term or phrase.

The PPC experts here at statusboom will research the right keywords to target your ideal audience. After your listed, you only pay when prospective customers click on your ad. Our efficient management of your PPC campaign will ensure that the prospects who click on your ads are the most likely to be converted to a customer. Visit our PPC package page for more information.

What is SMM? (a.k.a SMO)

SMM stands for Social Media Marketing, also known as Social Media Optimization. SMM uses social media to achieve the online equivalent of ‘word of mouth’ advertising. Your goal is to have your loyal customers sharing your company and brand information with their online friends, family and followers. Social media is also used to engage both your current and potential customers.

Social Media Optimization

A world map displaying icons of people with speech bubbles; each containing a logo for a social networking website or online sharing action. In order: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Text Messaging, Emailing, RSS Feeds.

The SMM experts at statusboom will manage your social media marketing campaign, taking care of your Facebook, Twitter and other social media platform postings. We’ll encourage your customers to talk up your products and services so that prospective customers can’t resist giving you a try. Visit our Rates & Packages page for pricing, or Contact Us today!

You run your business!
Let the experts at statusboom manage your optimization, internet marketing campaigns, and all of that other “stuff”. We’ll launch you toward the top of the listings and have buzzing about your business, all for an excellent return on your investment! Click Here to get started.

Author: Adam Evans
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