Twitter and its use as a Social Media Marketing Tool

November 19th, 2012
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Social Media Marketing is all about connecting, primarily online, with your current and prospective customers. These are online communities or environments where you can share ideas, encourage feedback and interact with your “fan” base. Twitter is one of the communities which has become a staple as an internet marketing tool.
Social Media Marketing on Twitter

Twitter essentially allows you to share statements, questions or comments up to 140 characters. You’re also able to share photos with short captions as well. Recently, Twitter expanded its profile section, so you have the option to share well optimized descriptions with your fan base. This is also a good place to prominently display your logo and other business images. Our Graphic Design team is ready to help you create the perfect images and graphics with which your company will be identified.

Twitter can be used to share coupons or discounts with followers and the general public. You can embed a link to your site within your text allotment. The name of the link will change, but it will still get people to your website. Prospect and repeat customers will then be able to explore your website on the way to collecting their coupon or discount code.

Sharing product information with your Twitter followers also helps to build brand loyalty. You can suggest different ways to use your products or offer tips on the best ways to use them as well. This can be a good place for company announcements which you wish to share with the public.

Photos of people using the products can be effective as well. Encourage your followers to send in photos of how they use your products. Creative photos will get shared around the internet which equals free advertising for your company.

SMM Twitter Keyboard ButtonBrevity is ideal in your postings. Most people will only read a few hundred words on a computer screen before moving on the next page. Mobile screens are very small compared to laptop screens so content can seem even lengthier there. A varied bled of company facts and suggestions mixed with fun user comments and ideas will make the ideal mix of Twitter content.

You’re ultimate goal with Twitter, as with any Social Media Marketing strategy, is to encourage people to share your information with their friends and followers. This can be an excellent method to encourage repeat customers and convert prospects to buyers. Our Social Media Marketing experts are here to help you share your message. Checkout our Rates and Packages for effective online marketing strategies.

Author: Adam Evans
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