Toronto SEO – An Important Part of your Web Design

November 22nd, 2012
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SEO is a lot to think about for most… It’s the art of combining web page content that is appealing to its’ readers with ‘keywords’ and links for which the search engines look. Ultimately, your content, including useful links, will interest your target consumer enough that he or she will purchase your products.

Toronto SEO

A Silhouette of a head with the letters SEO within the brain portion, along with Search Engine Optimization terms.

A search engine’s job is to list web pages in order of relevance to a search query. Usually using an algorithm, it will list the page with most relevance first, and the page with least relevance last. You, of course want your page listed as close to the top as possible.

Toronto SEO companies like us, statusboom, study what is measured by the algorithm and how. One component of the algorithm is how many words in the content match the website’s declared topic. If you have too few of the right keywords your webpage will not rank high. The search engine’s robots that scan the page will not be able to determine a topic. If you have too many of the keywords, your webpage will also not rank high. When the robots see too many of the keywords, they penalize it as unscrupulous designers trying to rank high by jamming in as many keywords as possible. You need to have just the right amount of keywords to help you rank high.

You also need the right keywords. For example, people often use location in their searches so you’d want to use your location as well as the service you offer in different combinations within your website content. For example, if you were a company who offers SEO in Toronto, you would want “SEO Toronto,” “Toronto SEO” and “SEO in Toronto” to appear the right amount of times in your content. This is because when some people search they’ll type “SEO Toronto,” while others would type “Toronto SEO,” and so on.

SEO Toronto - Building Links is Important

Links Connected in Network Drawn on White Board to represent how the inner and outer linkings of SEO work.

Another part of the algorithm is linking. Search engines look for links that point to your page. If a search engine happens to find your page through a link pointing to your page, you’ll rank higher. The more links you have pointing to your page, the better off you are. Think of it like this: If everyone is linking to this particular website, we should check it out too.

While SEO can be confusing, we at statusboom are here to help clear the confusion as well as help your pages rank as well as possible. That means discovering the keywords people are using to find your type of business. We’ll also help you create meaningful links. Please give us a quick call at 416.628.9411 and we’ll be glad to give you a quote quickly or answer your questions.

Blending well chosen keywords and high quality links with good writing will create a page that will rank high with both the search engines and your real live customers.

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Author: Adam Evans
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