The importance of website social media integration

November 10th, 2012
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Social Media WebsitesYou’ve got Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Google+, and your website.  You can be on every social media platform but if it’s all not working together it’s not going to be of much benefit to you.  statusboom’s Social Media Marketing experts will integrate your social media in to your website creating a user friendly environment in which your customers and prospects can interact with your company.

There are several options to be considered starting with the little link icon buttons.  They’re the buttons you’ve seen on websites with an ‘F’ for Facebook, a ‘T’ for Twitter and so on.  When a customer or prospect clicks on these buttons they are taken to your page on that particular Social Media platform.

What this does for you in the Social Media Marketing and SEO areas is create a solid link to and from your website.  A portion of the algorithm for ranking pages takes into account how many quality links you have to and from your page.  The right amount of linking will make your ranking boom.  For more information on SEO check out our SEO packages.

They are also an easy way for customers and prospects to share information about your company by sharing it with their friends, family, co-workers and followers.

Some social media services, like Twitter, will let you display your feed directly on your website.  Recently, Twitter has been changing the way this works.  statusboom’s experts are up to date with the changes and are ready to help you.  With the feed listed on your website, your prospects can comment directly without visiting Twitter proper.

A Close Look at Social Media IntegrationThis also works with photo sharing platforms, where your gallery can be embedded into your website.  You benefit by being able to synch all your photos at once.  Your customers and prospects benefit by not having to click through multiple website to find the images they are interested in sharing.

You can also have the tool bar style notification icons of how many people ‘liked’, +1’d’ and et cetera your page.  This lets viewers know that other people are talking about your products and services and like them very much.

All of these social media platforms offer detailed social media marketing report tools.  These tools will report how many people liked your page, shared your page, commented on your page, viewed your page and more.  The social media marketing team at statusboom will use these reports to your advantage, choosing ideal times to post information when customers and prospects are most likely to view.  We’ll take the worry out of social media marking so the only thing you have to ‘like’ is your booming business!

Author: Adam Evans
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