Canadian Search Engine Optimization and Google

November 29th, 2012
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Google's Logo

Search engine giant; Google’s christmas themed logo with presents infront of the second “o” in “Google”.

Google targets Canadian search engine results locally. As a business, search engine optimization is important because it’s one more way of getting your website in front of your prospective customers. Also, if you’re using pay services, it helps ensure that you get the most interested person clicking on your ads and links. A good, solid website design will have location listed in several key places. A Toronto SEO Company, such as statusboom, can help your website list closer to the top of the search results with location.

Why do they do that?

Google’s mission is to return the most accurate matching websites with for the search term entered. This is done through an algorithm created by Google which is adjusted from time to time for accuracy. The algorithm takes into account keywords relating closest to the search term entered, links directed to and from any given website, location of the searcher (whenever available) and the location listed on the website indicating where they provide their products and services.

How do they do that?

Globe with Magnifying Glass

A globe displaying web pages wrapped around it, with a magnifying glass positioned over the globe, indicating a location based search.

It’s very easy for Google to get a person’s location based on the device they are using. Computers from smart phones to desk tops are essentially shouting out their location with every search request. If location isn’t coming directly from the device or computer then Google can obtain it from the general location of the mobile signal. For desk tops, location can be determined by the online service provider with which any given computer searches the web. Most of Google’s services now require you to agree to release your location in order to use their services.

It takes a little more research on Google’s part to determine the location of a website, or more accurately the location that is serviced by any given website. A skilled Toronto SEO Company will create a website design that includes the optimal location information. Google’s robots (which scan website for relevant ranking information) take into account not only how often, but where location is listed on a website. How location is listed on a website is also important. For example, location listed on an image is not given much value by the Google robots.

Google also takes into account location oriented data bases as well as local (usually in your physical area) data bases in which your web site is listed. Google also offers its Google Local service which is being merged with its Google Maps Service. At the time of writing, it’s free to register your website at and use Google Local and Google Maps.

How can I start my Search Engine Optimization?

statusboom googleTo optimize your local search ranking it is highly recommended to have a strong website design created by a Toronto SEO Company such as statusboom; a skilled and experienced team of website designers and search engine optimization specialists who can create the ideal website design customized to your business. Visit our package option page to see which package is ideal for your company. Sign up, sit back and watch your rapid rise towards the top of the search result rankings!

Author: Adam Evans
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