A Well Branded Facebook Fanpage

November 16th, 2012
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Social Media Super giant FacebookFacebook now has over One Billion users. That’s a whole lot of potential customers on there that could be seeing your Fanpage, buying and using your products and services. Your Social Media Marketing campaign will need a well branded Fanpage that will get your message across to potential customers quickly and with style.

You’ve got the look!

The basic structure of your Facebook Fanpage is already created for you. All that’s needed are eye-popping images and sizzling content of your product or services as well as clear displays of your company logo.

Your avatar or profile photo should communicate who you are with ease. Image clarity is paramount as the photo area is small. This is an ideal place for you logo. You’ll also have a gallery that should be stocked with interesting photos.

When people see photos of products and services that they like, they click on a like tag. Then it’s displayed in their feed that they like your photo, which is shown to all of their friends. This is the key point of Social Media Marketing; friends telling each other about your products and services. Especially about how much they like them!

statusboom can get the boom into your photo box. Our experts will place your logo in the most attractive position. We’ll also manage your image galleries making sure your fans have plenty of interesting photos to click on.

3D Facebook Like HandTell me all about it…

You’ll also need some captivating captions to enhance your photos and our team of writers is ready to write. The other content you’ll need includes statuses, about information and bio information. Our Toronto SEO Company will create well optimized engaging content with which your fans can interact. We’ll establish links back to your website using the about box and links boxes.

Brief, entertaining content mixed with product and service announcements are the best mix for your Social Media Marketing Strategy. Fans will interact by commenting on photos and statuses.

Let’s Share!

statusboom will facilitate the sharing of your well branded site. We’ll keep it up to date and engaging with interesting statuses and photos. Word of mouth is the best referral service and Facebook is the internet version of it. Well branded pages get “liked” and “shared” more often. Select the Social Media Marketing package that suits you best and let our team get to work right away. We’ll have your fans spreading the news in no time! Contact Us now for more information, or checkout our Rates & Packages available!

Author: Adam Evans
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